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Dues and Donations

Online Dues and Donations!

Many of our members have expressed a desire to pay dues and make donations online.  To that end, the Lodge has opened an account with PayPal to provide this convenience.


1. Click on the Donate button below.

2. Select the amount to give, all amounts include the PayPal service fee:

          $29.34 = Grand Lodge per capita ONLY ($28)

          $154.97 = dues payment ($150)

          $183.80 = dues + Grand Lodge per capita ($150 + $28)

3. Select to pay via PayPal or with a Debit or Credit Card.

4. Enter the Name of Mason paid for and other information.

5. Click Donate Now.  You will receive an email receipt.

If you are uncomfortable using PayPal, or don't want to pay the service fees, please mail your check to the Lodge at :


Corpus Christi Masonic Lodge No. 189

PO Box 6704

Corpus Christi, TX 78466

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